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Greyhawk can't taxi out of tent hangar
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It seems the Greyhawk can't taxi out of the tent hangar. It doesn't gain any speed inside the hangar, no matter how fast the propeller is moving. {F21457}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Use the repro mission and take control of the UAV (already connected). Try to taxi out of the hangar.

Additional Information

This happens in the other hangars at the Stratis Air Base as well. The UAV is not getting stuck in the ground.

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It not just in the Tent Hangar it also happens when taxiing, it randomly gets stuck and won't move.

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I can confirm this also, i use other vehicles to push Grayhawk to actual move.

Seems fixed in current version. Could you please check it in dev branch and let me know? Thanks

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