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MQ4A won't turn off it's engine
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after you get the UAV to land, the engine won't turn off, it you do it manually, once you release controls, the engine will turn back on then the uav will try to take off again, you have to wedge in on the ground to get it to even stop, and the engine is still going.

The hover UAV also won't turn off it's engines or turn them back on when you release controls, but it won't take off after. {F21456}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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Yeah had similar experience today.

I had this happen too. I uploaded a repro mission for you.

Left Shift started the engine for me but I couldn't get the damn thing to move.

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How did you manged to connect via the UAV terminal?

I create an UAV operator but don't get access to the UGVs.

Only, when I sit in f.e. a Stomper, I can connect to it, but cannot control that thing.

Best regards

Could you please check this issue again and let me know if you are still able to reproduce it? Thanks

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