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Suggestion: Let the UAV turret controller control ATGMs.
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Currently, the UAV's ATGM can only be launched as the flight controller, since the pilot cannot move his view around, he can only lock onto targets right in front of his view. This means, if the UAV/operator wants to destroy an enemy target, he must shift away from his current waypoint and go on a strafing run in the direction of the target, to lock onto it. Which is pretty inefficient since UAVs usually loiter around targets.

My suggestion is that the ATGM will be accessed when controlling the turret, and it could be locked on whatever the optical turret is aiming at - 360 degrees, as long as it's not airborne.
The ATGM should also track the turret's aim when it's not locked onto anything, to simulate it homing onto the turret's laser or like in SACLOS missiles.

An alternative option is providing the turret operator with a "Command fire" option similar to the ULBs from ArmA 2 have. The missile would be launched at the turret's laser if it's activated, or at a tab lock target.(Which could be a vehicle or a laser target from another source.)

Also, see my ticket about adding stabilization to the turret, which would be necessary if using my alternative option(using the UAV's own laser):


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They should be accessable from both the pilot and the gunner.

I would definitely prefer the alternate option you named.

+1 gunner really needs missile control when using the laser guidance.

Yes PLEASE give the UAV Turret control of the ATGMs. Honestly, the Greyhawk is pointless on its own. The turret operator needs to be able to fire the laser, and then switch to the missile and fire the missile on its lazed target. Most UAVs have been infantry killers, not vehicle killers.

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Annoying, stupid and easy to fix. Do it BI.

I just wanted to drop a note and say that I fully agreed. Together with adding a laser lock of some kind (like mentioned in issue #0012853) it will be much more in line of what real military hardware is like. I'm really liking how Arma 3 is turning out btw. Just a few bumps left.

Can we fix this very simple feature ?

that's really annoying indeed, I was going crazy in the Win episode, in the mission with the drone, trying to find a way to get this turret align on my target... I gave up :( Hope it gets fix soon. the drone should circle around the laser point of interest. that's one easy and not too degraded, solution.

Should be fixed in current version of dev build.

Hello Darkdruid, do you know when this fix will be available in the public release ?

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