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XBOX 360 Controller not working correctly.
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There are still a few issues when I want to use the XBOX 360 controller for ARMA 3 (mainly for chopper flying). Here goes:

  1. It is impossible (as far as I know) to put free look on the right analog stick. I have tried "look up", "look up" (the 2nd one), "aim up" and "look up (analog)". All of these options don't work inside of a chopper. Basicly what I want is to have the free look that you get if you press ALT + move the mouse, on my right analog stick. It does not seem possible.
  1. You can set various actions to the right trigger (RT) but apparently not "Fire" (weapon). Also, aim down the sights cannot be mapped to left trigger (LT). Almost every shooter on the XBOX 360 uses this button layout: LT = aim down the sights ("Optics"), RT = fire. It just... doesn't work.

As a final notice, I would advice you to at least make a default keymapping for some of the most used controllers, because it's really hard for the average user to set all the controls themselves...


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N/A (play the game with an XBOX360 controller).

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Good Ticket, I've had all sorts or Trouble getting my XboX controller setup properly, and then finally got it to a point where I was happy and all the mapping reset. :( UpVoted.

Wait... Why are you playing ARMA with a gamepad? Like, what is the point of that? Honestly it's just not something you're supposed to do.

I use it to fly Aircraft, I find it much easier. But thanks for your Judgemental and pointless comment.

Exactly. Helicopters and jet planes are a lot easier to control with analog sticks than with a mouse. Besides, the option is already in ARMA 3, so apparently they chose to add it. Now my motto is: if you do something, you gotta do it right, therefore this ticket.

I think using the mouse and Keyboard for Flying is more "precise", but for my purposes the Controller is the better option. Hence, why its included in the game at all.

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Gets my vote. Shock, horror I use an xbox 360 controller for everything in game, including infantry control!

"Menu -> Configure -> Game -> General -> Vehicle Freelook" should fix your problem.

edit - For the looking around with the right stick that is.

<--using my PS3 controller, via motioninjoy, so Im sure I'll be needing this too.


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It works fine except for the freelook part. Enabling vehicle freelook does NOT solve the problem in any way. Biggest problem is that the analogue freelook is mapped linearly, meaning if you press your right thumbstick all the way right, your view immediately turns all the way right (ie. slightly backwards) this is far from ideal, as it's almost impossible to keep your vision steady, lets say halfway to the right and downwards and keep it there.

The problem could be easily solved with an additional option: nonlinear analogue freelook: your freelook position does not auto center, but stays put until further input, the amount you press the thumbstick controls only the RATE OF TURNING (ie. exactly like turning your character: press a bit and your character turns slowly, press the stick all the way and the character turns faster).