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[Tweak] Remove automatic group linking of modules.
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While watching the ArmA 3 Livestream - Launch Sneak Preview I couldn't help but watching Zipper unassigning (group) every module he created. This is something that was in ArmA 2 as well, and has little to no use in general.

As far as I can remember, modules are the only non-"playable unit" that gets grouped. Triggers and empty vehicles does not group automatically.



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the Mission Editor.
  2. Create two or more modules close to each other.

These two will then be grouped.

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Yes please! That grouping is really annying and there is no actual benefit from it doing that in the first place.

C'mon, devs. I believe it is not hard to exclude "LOGIC" side from autogrouping. It's been a month already :(
Also player can group with markers. Now group with marker, delete it and observe trash in mission sqm.

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Resolved with Eden Editor.

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