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Missing/Inaccessible hidden selections on Units and Vehicles
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Tested using the following procedure:

Place Units with init "this setobjecttexture[0/1/2,"a.paa"]

Dismiss error and start Mission

If selections work, Unit will be transparent. The following Units do not have working hidden selections of this fashion:

Edited: 04.11.2013 (no dev)

All Blufor Uniforms (Appears resolved)
Greenfor Combat Uniforms partially ignoring retextures (sleeve flag on rolled sleeve uniform)
Greenfor Officer Suit
Rangemaster (Appears resolved)
IFV-6 Panther
Strider (Resolved by 0.76)
HEMMT (Resolved by 0.76)
SDV (Resolved by 0.76)
AH-99 (Resolved as of 0.75.108659)
FIA Uniforms (Release version, no hiddenselections)
New Civilian clothes (ie, non rangemaster or tee+shorts clothes) no hiddenselections

I have not yet scoured the configs as I have no time right now, however, I am aware that the following do not have working HS as of this moment:

greenfor Plate carrier


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See above

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Thanks a lot, I should take a closer look

This has been labelled as fixed...

Recommend this is regressed/re-tested and confirmed as fixed so this ticket can be closed.

It can't be closed yet, it's been resolved for the AH-99, not all the vehicles specified.

pettka added a comment.Aug 8 2013, 4:48 PM

It's still work in progress.

Pettka, a ticket of mine has had part of the issue resolved when you fixed the AH-99. I linked them together but You and Redstone, may be working on the same issue at the moment...

The AAF Officer is still not reskinnable. I wanted to use the model for a mission I am working on, but I can't put my new texture on it :(


Also, is it at all possible to open normalmaps/smdi/as maps to hidden selection texturings? That would be fantastically awesome, since it would allow for wholesale rework/look overhauls for Units. You could, for example, add reinforcements to civilian clothing to make them look like makeshift combat clothes (camo arms sewn to sweaters), or add differing sewing lines to make a shirt look like a different make without changing the model.

I have the AAF officer reskinned via a config the selections are Camo1 and Camo2, in the current indep config(Dev) the selection is incorrectly listed as Camo.

Have you checked out hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {"rvmatPath.rvmat"};

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i'll just copy paste my previous comments from my other topic

from a modding/skinning perspective im asking you to please implement this easy

For certain vehicles, hiddenselection has been implemented allowing us to easy
create custom skins for vehicles,

for many of the vehicles this works, but for some it doesnt,

for instance the offroads, ifrits, etc

could you please make a hiddenselection field to every vehicle/outfit pbo's to
make our life easier?

Ifrit, IFV-6 Panther, IFV-6 Cheetah, ZSU-39 Tigris and CRV-6 Bobcat hidden selections are still not working with ArmA 3 1.02

HEMTT hidden selections are incomplete:

Anyone know if the CH-49 has this problem?

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.