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[FIXED] C4 should explode when C4ed
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Currently you can shoot a stick of C4, detonate another C4 on top of the 1st one, detonate grenade next to it - it won't explode.

Luckily this is easy fixable with 1 line of code in config file so please devs do us a favour and add this to the config

class DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo: PipeBombBase

		triggerWhenDestroyed = 1;



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Put C4 and set timer to go in 40 seconds, put another c4 next to it, wait. It goes boom but only 1 C4 is destroyed. What do you say about this realism nuts?

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just had quick look through config, every other explosive is set to

triggerWhenDestroyed = 1;

in their default class but the PipeBombBase: PipeBombCore which is

triggerWhenDestroyed = 0;

Could be a simple bug.

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Common misconception, C4 is actually a very stable explosive and would not explode if shot.

However theres a good chance you could disable the charge if you shot it, especially with a large caliber round.

You might as well shoot play-doh, the result would be the same. You need a powerful pyrotechnic charge to set it off. Smacking it with a round will just make it fly in all directions, which is probably not the definition of "going up" you are looking for.

Nearby explosives should either vaporise the thing, or set it off, depending. I am not sure, I wouldn't trust my gut instinct on when these things explode, and rather consult somebody with an EOD or building demolition expertise.

As per description it won't go off if another C4 is attached to it and detonated.

C4 does not explode if you shoot it, neither does it explode if you set it on fire (it actually makes a pretty good fuel if you run out of Hexamine!).

To explode C4 you need a Primary Explosive e.g a Detonator.

Shooting C4 will do nothing except deform the block and waste a round.

Oh and Explosives do not "Go UP".

They usually "Low Order" (slow explosion) / Low Explosive or "High Order" (fast explosion) High Explosive.

So that's what supposed "Realism Nuts" (as the OP put forward) go on about.

Placing two blocks next to each other, then the other would probably (there is no certainty in this world) sympathetically detonate when the 1st Charge high ordered.

So to Recap.

  1. Shooting C4 does nothing.
  2. If you successfully "High order" C4, any other C4 Close by (within a few metres) would probably high order as a sympathetic detonation.

You can even burn RDX or throw him, push him - nothing happens.
You can even watch MYTHBUSTERS for this.

OMG I updated title for those who cannot bother to read the ticket, happy now?

C4 can be exploded only by electric detonator for proper chemical reaction.

While it is possible that one slab of C4 placed next to another will cause the second slab to detonate (even more so if it has a det cap in it), its far more likely that the second charge would simply be blasted away.

To get them to detonate together with one initiation you would need to either connect them with detcord or mold them together.

^^^ C4 needs considerable shock to set it off Fair enough about bullet not being able to set it off, but near explosion should set it off.

Can be closed now, there is an alternative version of C4 available in game that explodes on destroy.

What we really need is a better system for explosives, timer, linking, etc.
What explosives were you able to explode by destroying them? I am unable to get neither satchels nor charges to detonate, it's really annoying.

democharge_remote_ammo_scripted and satchelcharge_remote_ammo_scripted

Since we don't seem to have any actual demolitions experts here I'd just mention that C4 while stable is as far as I've learned detonated by compression. a charge set onto (or for game purposes next to) another charge should set both off.

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