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setObjectTexture doesn't work on some vehicles
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setObjectTexture works on some vehicle but not on others for some reason. It should work on all vehicles.

setObjectTexture does not work on the following vehicles: Ifrit, Offroad, Strider, HEMTT, BTR-kamysh, MSE-3 Marid, IFV-6c Panther, and the AH-99 Blackfoot.

After being destroyed some of the textures added with setObjectTexture disapear while others stay. {F21292} {F21293} {F21294} {F21295} {F21296} {F21297} {F21298} {F21299} {F21300}


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Using this in the vehicle init:this setObjectTexture [0,"texture2.jpg"]; this setObjectTexture [1,"texture2.jpg"];

The mission below shows the problem.

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This was a bug/glitch in Arma 2 as well.

Hopefully it can be resolved in Arma 3!

If it would also be possible, we could use a global setObjectTexture command as well.

I noticed the fix for the Comanche textures today affected this so I linked the tickets.

Updated images and mission file to contain all vehicles.

Since I am on vacation, could someone download the map and check what vehicles still don't work with setObjectTexture.

There is a little progress, but not final for all vehicles...

Ok, thanks for working on the issue!

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Sorry for my stupid question but what you get with this setobjectexture. Can you select different skins or is for adding banners to the vehicles?

You can add custom camo and images to vehicles.

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Any update guys?

Ifrit hidden selections still not working with ArmA 3 1.02

IFV-6 Panther, IFV-6 Cheetah, ZSU-39 Tigris and CRV-6 Bobcat hidden selections are still not working with ArmA 3 1.02

HEMTT hidden selections are incomplete:

Also Marid's hidden selections are all messed up, some parts cannot be retexturized on any of the three levels available.

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Just stumbled onto this same problem...

"HEMTT hidden selections are incomplete:",

  • That's caused by our technology, some parts on some models are placed on models by proxy and we cannot use hidden selections on proxy objects at the moment.
  • Maybe there will be some time to improve model to allow complete retexturing.

"Also Marid's hidden selections" - I've repaired selections

Now(following dev update) should be all "Armored" vehicles able to retexture.

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Branch: Development
Version: 1.07.112548

Current state.

HEMTT cabs have a hidden selection missing in one of the lods.

Looks very good! BIS, please fix those Ifrit and HEMTT things ^^ I've got several vehicles in the pipe lol

And if IFV-6 variants and Marid are now working I can finally complete my army.

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Branch: Development
Version: 1.07.112641

HEMETT cabs got fixed.

Some more hiddenSelections missing from lods.



Speedboat, Gordon should be tweaked in the following dev-update...

I pass it to our project leaders to discuss it and we'll see.
It may be a part of some samples or something. It depends on their decision...

That's great! Thank you!

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Branch: Development
Version: 1.07.112953

Ifrit got hiddenSelections now.

Current state.

Ifrit is ok now, confirmed in 1.08

But the new heavy tank of the AAF, classname I_MBT_03_cannon_F has no working hidden selections :(

Hidden selections of HEMTT Open Transport, Covered Transport and Ambulance are still not working in 1.08.

HEMTT Ambulance also has some strange shadow effects.

"Hidden selections of HEMTT Open Transport, Covered Transport and Ambulance are still not working in 1.08."

  • And they will not. Sorry about that, but now it's very low priority on this. Maybe after some time I'll take a look about that.

Any news on the "leftover" vehicle textures?

arg.... today i got same Problem, last week i started make pics for my mission,...
i retextured some car skins, all works fine,... today i spend 4 Hours on a skin for a OilBarrel... and now i find out, that setObjecttexture dosent work for Barrel,...SRY!!!

So this Issue is posted month ago,... is there any fixes next time???
Sometimes realy confusing, if you work on mission stuff, to realize some things, and it dosent work because bug No. xxxx1, xxxx2, etc...

"setObjecttexture dosent work for Barrel"
We're sorry about that, but this is very simply object...
We're not going to implement retexturing feature for everything in the game.

I think the only main vehicle that is missing retexturing right now is the Tempest truck, all others seem to work fine.

It would also be nice if retexturing would leave wheel textures intact on all vehicles, but it's not that big of a deal.

Is it possible to add this command for the box on the civ truck (boxer) and the HEMTT equivalent?
As of right now the box seems to be ignored.

Yes, I've also noticed the box truck (civ) has no object texture. Be nice to see one added.

Tempest support would be great.

The Tempest model has hiddenSelections they just need to be added to the config. You could always do your own config in the meantime.

Hidden Selections are still not working on Tempest truck (all 3D model versions)

hiddenSelections are working on the tempest, but not on the cover of the covered tempest and the fuel tempest. Hopefully it can be fixed