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We need backpacks for use with parachutes
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In real life, soldiers can bring along smaller backpacks when using parachutes. Right now in game, we do not have any backpacks available for use when parachuting. {F21232} {F21233} {F21234} {F21235} {F21236}


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This is quite annoying for missions involving parachutes.

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I included the dog thing because I remember reading somewhere that Arma 3 was going to have dogs and possibly military dogs.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:50 PM

NO! Arma doesn't have dogs! CoD has dogs! Dogs are unrealistic because they don't actually exist. CoD company made them up! ;D

I also LOLed at the pictures with dogs.

Just a stretch goal, the main issue is that your backpack should be on your chest and not removed for skydiving.

They aren't dogs, they are flying cows.

this is a much needed feature. i hate it when you have to paradrop as a medic. it takes away all the gear they use.

Kemeros added a subscriber: Kemeros.May 7 2016, 3:50 PM

Heh... Did that dog have a heart attack? Upvoted.

Upvoted, so cute the pictures with the dog! Yes, it's real, that's what happen in real life, A3 is too limited with parachutes now. Has to be done.

Hell yes, we need this and on another note that last picture of the dog with its limbs stretched out like that is ridiculously dangerous because there is the worry of ripping their heart in two ; _ ;

That's a feature request, because I wouldn't call that, what you want, a "backpack".

It would require a whole new inventory slot(s), either for the parachute or the waist bag(s).

Yes, but if it's possible to do it can be really good because of realism. If it's done after the release no prob for me, this game has to continue to progress, it's not the more difficult thing to do compared to what is asking for sometimes on the feedback tracker. BIS can surprise us I'm sure!

Wow, this was reviewed quick. It seems this may be fixed after all but likely fixed after release.

I originally called it inventory because it mess up the inventory of medics, engineers, ect... And make parachuting not an option for them, but It seems it is more of a feature request.

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Arma 3 already does have dogs.

So, carry a parachute like the mine detector in your uniform/vest/backpack, only with the weight of a backpack? Where would it go? Not that I don't agree, I just wonder where else we would put it, unless we went with Fireball's new inventory slot for parachute/waist bag.

Also, didn't paras in WWII, or at least the drop on June 5th 1944 drop their bag tied to their leg, also functioning as a way to get them out of the plane if they have any regret?

I would think that it is a bit different than WWII now a days.

One possible way to do it would be to have the Parachute act as a container where it can only hold a single backpack and nothing else. Once on the ground the backpack could be placed either on the ground to be picked up or back in the player's inventory.

Upvoted for the dog! +1 Plus this should be really fixed.