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hint sound is broken
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It used to be silent in Alpha then it got a little blip sound which was nice considering there is hintSilent command if you want it silent, now in the latest dev the sound is very silent again.


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Open editor, open debug console, type hint "something", execute.

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Not fixed in this dev

I'm unable to reproduce this, when hinting I hear a "click" sound.

Please try it again.

In this video you can hear how hint used to be before it got broken:

Do you have the same experience?

It produces a sound, but not the same sound as in the video. I had the same sound from your video before (as you can hear here
Here is a video I just recorded with the new sound:

I wouldn't call it broken, just changed. :)

That click is the button press click. paste this

  • spawn {sleep 2; hint "thisis hint"};

And you will see when hint comes up there is no sound.

That click when I click the button is not the click I'm talking about.

Listen to the clicks after closing the pause menu to the end of the video. It shows a new hint and "clicks" every 0.5 seconds, as you can see by the script executed in the debug console.

And I still hear the sound even with your code.

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Wow that hint sound is that low now and weird :O I had to watch four times that Sniperwolf's video to realise that there was any hint sound. The old one was way better.

You cannot possibly call that a hint sound if you have to turn your volume to 11 to hear it. Hint is broken, as simple as that, it had perfect sound and perfect volume balance before.

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yes at normal volume I can't hear it.

I believe I can, it has a sound and it's not "broken".

The ticket and you argue that the sound is not there, it is there. I hear it fine sitting in a noisy room with my in-game volume at 50% and headset at around 50% as well, but I agree that the old one is better and more noticeable.

Adjust your ticket to reflect that you'd like the sound to be reverted/changed to something better/louder and I'll review it. I'd rather not review it like this and have it closed later by someone else with a reason: "the sound is there".

I can't because I believe this is a bug and not "new" sound. EDIT ok I adjusted it a bit

Adjusted it some more and reviewed. :)

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@Killzone_Kid You wanna fix that? ;)