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Add a hold breath sound
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There is a "out of breath" sound already that is low atm, so would make sense to have a breath in; Immersion asdasd

Additionally, I would suggest to bind the "Hold Breath" action to another key which isn't zoom to a default preset. More usefull, less annoying in case this ticket gets implemented.


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What do you mean? You mean like an inhaling sound? If yes, than I don't think holding breath with guns is like holding breath under water. You don't inhale hard to get as much air into your lungs as possible, you just hold the breathing process for a bit to decrease some of the muzzle sway for a split second.

If I got you wrong, apologize. If I'm wrong on my interpretation of breath holding, than educate me please.

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I agree that having no "breathing in" sound is appropriate. See Google search results for more info:

+1 for another key

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Yeah, I know you should be firing from the "bottom" of your breath but as there is no difference between top and bottom, it is just a "hold breath", it would be just one more thing to give feedback to the player. Sure as hell you would notice it anyway because a) you are holding a key and b) your aim is more steady but it is something more.

And you can (and always could if I'm not mistaken) bound another key to hold breath.

Smurf, can you please update the description to be... a little bit more serious? I'd like to see the feature as well, but right now I'd downvote your ticket myself because of wording.

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I voted yes for the hold breath sound.

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Downvoted because of wording? lol

If they got the message (and I beleive they did as everybody else did) is enough ;)

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...Only if we get normal breathing sounds... In real life, when you start to hold your breath before firing, you don't do it Baywatch-style: it's not like you're going to swim underwater or something... You partially fill your lungs and hold breath, that's all. Try it now: I doubt you will make any sound while doing it.


Downvoted because of wording? lol

I have voted it up, but I'm pretty sure most of downvotes came because of "Immersion asdasd". Gotta respect those who are to vote for your idea.

As I said on the other post, I think it I would add also a progress bar for showing for how long the player can hold his breath (=feeling IRL which we can't have). Always boring to shoot when he release the breathing.

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