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Inverse scrolling for the map editor
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I don't know if anyone noticed it, but I hate the inverse scrolling in the map editor of Arma 3. To zoom in you have to scroll up, to zoom out you have to scroll down. It was the other way round in Arma 2 and it's just a small thing, but very annoying. I hope that it will be changed back or at least add an option to change this behaviour.


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I certainly wouldn't want that changed because scrolling up is more the norm and the way I personally like doing it. But an option to invert the scroll probably wouldn't hurt.

just make it an option and fixed

We reversed the zooming controls to be consistent with widely known on-line maps by Google, Bing and others. I understand that it can be initially confusing, but there should be no problem with getting used to it.

All the "map" software use the same, like google maps for example...

we are asking for an option to toggle this, not to completely reverse it

hope its a toggle option cuzz most people are used to norm wheel up for zoom

It's not inversed in ARMA 3. It was inversed in previous games.

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