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The crosshair inside of the MX 6.5mm gun
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The crosshair of the MX 6.5mm gun is being placed inside the gun model. {F21143}


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Ingame UI
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Open editor, open up a Recon/Recon scout

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on later tries it didnt happen anymor, weird

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Well, you are have gun in stone on your screenshot, so the crosshair shows where the bullet will end when you shoot :)

lol you placed your unit inside a rock. Those dark lines on the screen are some of the rock edges viewed from inside the rock, place your unit on the runway and it will be fine.

The A3 cross hairs will 'snap' to the point of impact, the rounds originate from the top of the magazine if I'm not mistaken so that's why you see it where it is while inside an object.

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