Error using Respawn Templates
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When attempting to utilizing the new respawn templates screen I am returned an error.

When utilizing the "MenuInventory" and "MenuPosition" options I am returned with this error.

error generic error in expression a3\functions_f\GUI\fn_setIDCStreamFriendly.sqf, line 15

When using only "MenuPosition" option I am given a different error.

error undified variable in expression: bis_fnc_respawnmenuposition_positions
File A3\Functions_f\respawn\fn_respawnMenuPosition.sqf, line 108

I have 2 flag pole positions given to mission via BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition.


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utilize this description.ext


//Mission Parameter Stuff
titleParam1 = "Time limit:";
valuesParam1[] = {0, 300, 600, 900};
defValueParam1 = 900;
textsParam1[] = {"Unlimited", "5 min", "10 min", "15 min"};

//In Game Stuff
enableItemsDropping = 0;

//Respawn Stuff
Respawn = 3;
RespawnDelay = 8;
RespawnDialog = 0;

class CfgRespawnInventory
class WEST1

		displayName = "Light"; // Name visible in the menu
		icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa"; // Icon displayed next to the name
		// Condition must return true in order for the loadout to be displayed in the menu.
		// Evaluated when the menu is opened.
		show = "side group _this == west";

		// Loadout definition, uses same entries as CfgVehicles classes
		weapons[] = {
		magazines[] = {
		items[] = {
		linkedItems[] = {
		uniformClass = "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt";
		backpack = "B_AssaultPack_mcamo";

class WEST2

		// Alternative configuration pointing to a CfgVehicles class. Loadout will be copied from it.
		vehicle = "B_soldier_AR_F"
		show = "side group _this == west && score player > 10";


respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"};

class Header
gameType = COOP;
minPlayers = 1;
maxPlayers = 16;



//code start

[west,flag1] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;
[west,flag2] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;

//code end

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KDN added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 6:06 PM

I have a much simpler setup that has been working with no errors until the last two updates and indeed use of the MenuPosition template is throwing the same error and players cannot Respawn at all.

It started on yesterday's (July 29) dev version and it is also present in today's (July 30) Dev update.

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 3:45 PM

use the multiplayer modules then

KDN added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 10:13 PM

tyl3r99, it is BIS functions that give that error and as ozdeadmeat asks, what do you mean?

KDN added a comment.Jul 31 2013, 7:40 PM

In today's update, version 0.75.108378, the above reported issue is FIXED!!

It is not that you are effective and on the ball while a rain of all shorts of reports are reaching are also very fast doing so :)
Many thanks for taking care of it.

Fixed it this this morning, sorry for not marking it as resolved before.

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.

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