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TeamSwitch interface - disable it by default
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TeamSwitch interface is always enabled and you have to "enableTeamSwitch false" to disable it.
I think that teamSwitch shouldn't be activated by default. The most common scenario is that you play a MP mission in SP and you don't want to see other roles teamSwitchable. You should still be able to activate it, but this has to be a mission designer decision.


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It's fine the way it is.

I don't think it is ; you play more MP missions in SP (in coop or versus, aka multiple sides) than you play coop where you want teamSwitch activated. I don't think teamSwitch is the option people chose first.

Teamswitch works in MP? News to me

TeamSwitch works in MP according to respawn=5 (
I don't think you want to be able to play (by default) every role in a 10-soldiers squad, or being able to switch to enemy side ; to me TeamSwitch is the second option and should be declared by the mission designer, not be the default behaviour.

haven't tested it with respawn 5. Anyway it is broken now, teamSwitch command spams errors in latest build

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

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Reopen on author request.

as of 1.26 (and before I'm sure) the TeamSwitch interface doesn't open anymore if you press it and are the only unit on the map (still, the cursor appears and disappears - and setAccTime 1 is executed!)
TeamSwitch is still the default option, am I only one of the few to believe it should be changed the other way?

same behaviour in 1.42, without setAccTime.

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I should add that in version 1.65.138309, setting enableTeamSwitch = 0 (or false) in description.ext doesn't forbid TeamSwitch.
(see BiKi Description.ext)