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Reactive Armour in Main Battle Tanks and APCs / Better Armour simulation / Tracks destruction
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Tanks should have a reactive armour on the sides and front and their back should be more vulnerable.

The flyer plates on the tank should disable the anti tank missiles before hitting the tank and after they have been used that side of the tank becomes vulnerable.

This would force the players to aim for the weakest areas of the tank (back, turret and top).

Also tank tracks should be disabled (fall apart) if the tank steps on a mine or is hit with a projectile strong enough to destroy the tracks.

This would completely change how infantry deals with armour threats on the battlefield.

The reactive armour could be replaced by a more futuristic system that scans the area for threats and fires a projectile that destroys the missile in mid air. This way the infantry would have to first destroy this defense system (ie: hand grenades) and then directly attack it.

I don't know if this makes tanks too overpowered but tanks definitely need a realistic armour simulation.


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It's not a made up futuristic thing that destroys projectiles. It's called trophy. And the merkava tank has trophy.

Yes :D I was missing the word. Thanks

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Yes, the tank and other vehicles armor system in ArmA really could use an rework, a more realistic system instead of the "hitpoints" system that has been around since OFP. However i think there's already a ticket up for this.

Trophy is manufactured by Rafael. Trophy comes in three favors. Heavy Vehicle, Medium Vehicle, Light Vehicle.

D wolf: The Namer APC which is basically a big Merkava without a turret is already in the game as the new Blufor APC, unfortunately I'm unsure wheter or not it has the trophy system installed in real life.

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