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Fire geometry for missiles
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Game lacks fire geometry/hitbox for missiles so we can't knock them out using autocannon or anti- ballistic missile. No matter if you keep shooting unarmed missile on land or projectile in air - none of the rounds will hit them.

It would be pretty useful for knocking out incoming missile threats approaching the ships, aircraft carriers etc. and could fit any mission-design and overall would add another factor affecting the gameplay.


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Without searching the internet for the new technologies that the military is working on, I would have to comment about this topic in a more general way with 2013 technological knowledge haha.

I know that a 20mm phalanx system was tested and can shoot a 5" round out of the sky. That being said any system that could shoot missiles out of the sky would have to be an automated firing system. I do not know if AA autocannons would be capable of this with a man controlling them. I would assume that they could probably track them on their radar systems, but shooting down a hellfire, or DAR might be a bit much. I would not be surprised if some missiles today have some stealth technologies and I high believe they have avoidance systems to ensure it will hit its target, since most nations have a form of CIWS (Close In Weapons Systems) on ships and installations.

Wikipedia has a good general overview of the system:

It also talks about the short range missile systems too. I guess the biggest problem is how to add this correctly to the game without making it too difficult to have fun. If everyone had these features shooting missiles, rockets, mortars, etc. would almost become useless. I know the systems are not perfect, but we can only ask so much from the development crew haha.

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an hitbox on missile would be nice indeed,even if most actual would be pure luck, it would make for awesome moments

As you probably know AI accuracy is all matter of config tweaking. I don't see any problem how we couldn't get unmanned turrets, while we get unmanned UAVs etc. This system doesn't have to be hyper-realistic, just a possibility in the engine and playable content, that modders could tweak/mod if they want to.

I've created this ticket because one of the modder of A3 is making ship and he wonder if this has changed in A3.

BTW. Hitbox/firegeometry has nothing to do with modern/old technology being able to hit/avoid the target. I just talk about another engine limitation - step back from modding. If for example ACE devs feel that they would like to carry over A3 systems mentioned by you, they would at least have groundwork to start with - and possibility.

Wish I could get an answer from person that downvoted to write down an arguments for why thumb down not up. Maybe I expect too much from some?

Isn't it strange - half of objects in ArmA have fire geometry while other half does not? Well call it realistic but at least bullets should bounce off the missile, higher caliber missile should be damaged and unusable. If you can try in RL.

I would like to see rockets that can be shot down by say a mantis.

IRL a CRAM for exmaple is capable of shooting down incoming mortar shells


I believe that type of rockets/missiles, that are supposed to be shot down by CRAM are still to be implemented in the game (besides the mortar mentioned above).

I agree with the general sentiment, to consider firegeo e.g. for ballistic missiles or artillery ammo, but for the game to calculate and transmit firegeo on chopper guided/unguided missiles (MP!) sounds rather a like a waste of resources to me.

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