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Implementation of G-Force head movement.
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As I was driving in first person, I noticed that someting was feeling quite unnatural, and that was the fact that my head's position was nearly locked in place. This gave out the impression that I was a static camera instead of a human inside of a shaky car in a troubled road.

I hate to give out this example, but I think Battlefield 3 has got this thing right. Whenever the player went through a messed up environment, the camera would wobble quite a lot. I don't think if this were to be implemented, that it should be quite as noticing as in Battlefield 3.


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1 - Drive any car
2 - Go through a rough terrain at very high speeds
3 - You will notice that your camera unnaturally stays in place.

There should be at least a minor visual shake in the camera for situations such as:
Hitting anything.
Going through a troubled terrain.
Making very rough turns when in a helicopter/jet.

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These slight movements I'm talking about happen when you're driving your car in third person.

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Driving bobbing should be removed at all, because camera in Arma represent not head, but eyes. Eyes can hold point of view independent of head movements. Boring bobbing in Arma 2 when drive bike was very painfully and frustrating.

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@Grinya While that is true, the reporter talks about very rough terrain and not a lot of bobbing. Your neck isn't as good as a steadycam. A slight shaking would give a more "authentic" feel.

Mldri, maybe he is right. But in my opinion it's very uncomfortable and unpleasant. I think it should be reduced to the prejudice of realism.

Of course, if it were controlled by a slider it would be great.

It could also be used to simulate aircraft turbulence.

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