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Player still drowns after reaching the water surface.
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After leaving a submerged vehicle the player still drowns after reaching the water surface.

The only way to stop the drowning is to reach water that is shallow enough for the player to stand up.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a vehicle with player inside
  2. Drive into the water
  3. When you are booted out of the vehicle swim up to the surface
  4. You are still drowning
  5. You drown
Additional Information

This happens every time when the player is still swimming, weather the player is swimming on the surface or not.

Video here:

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Yea, I have noticed this too. Are you sure you face is out of the water?

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Yes. I uploaded a video of player in third person.

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i noticed this too in the latest dev build 26-7-13

tested this a few ways, not vehicle specific.

even if you spawn a unit 20m or 0m, and dive underwater, it won't go back to being surfaced and breathing air until you hit land. tested with .75.108236

Confirmed. I thought it had something to do with the new fatigue system (which I hate btw)

This is like the glitch were if you hit the water or something with the CH-49 your screen would start doing the drowning thing until you died or landed on dry ground.

I encountered this bug, you can avoid this by releasing any direction then pressing "swim up (X or C by default, don't remember)
"proper" body position will be detected to the surface and your guy will be - finally - breathing.

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This one is fixed now.

Er, yeah. AFAIK the only way to avoid drowning at the surface is to use the swim up key and not actually swim pointing upwards.

Jep, it's fixed.

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