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[BUG] High caliber HE rounds can explode multiple times after first impact
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30mm MP-T and 40mm GPR-T may explode multiple times if they pass through an object, like the trunk of a tree. This should not be possible. {F21073}


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In repro misssion: Switch to gunners seat and aim at the tree directly in front of you. Use 3rd person view and shift the view angle so that you can see behind the tree. Fire and watch the round impact at the tree, and then at the ground behind it.

Additional Information

Btw, wouldn't it be nice if it instead created a cascade of fragmentation in the direction of the round?

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I'm not talking about adding it. I'm saying it's actually in the game and should be removed.
Added brackets and more info for clarification

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Cant reproduce on dev branch

Well, I can still reproduce it using dev branch. I just shoot at a tree and look behind it for a secondary explosion.

This has been occurring since Arma 1, it's time to fix this Guys.

It sure has.

I've now added a repro mission and updated "steps to reproduce".

Also nice if you manage to hit a tree with a vertically falling mortar round. It will explode continoously as it falls down the tree, often with hilarious framerate drops and particle clipping.

Ooh, I have not seen that, but I guess this applies to all rounds penetrating and dealing splash damage.. got to try that sometime :)

Holy crap 6 months and this wasn't still fixed?
How could an explosive projectile explode more than one time? Crap.

This does not apply to KE penetrator, though.


This bug is still occurring. And It was set to "engine" but changed to "visual-weapons", it's not an issue of visuals but an issue of the round exploding multiple times. It's time this was fixed