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SUGGESTION for new Visual Screen Effects when Injured
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I´ve done a little looking around about the physiological effects of fear, shock and injury, and I´ve come up with a handful things.

Dilation of Pupils
Blood withdrawing from extremities
Broad fear reactions in the body (Shaking, shallow and rapid breathing, increased heart rate, etc.)

I have also reviewed the injury effects in the previous games, other shooters as well as VBS, and put together an example picture below as to how this may look in Arma 3. {F21061}


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Notable things happening in the visual area are:

Increased Brightness as pupils dilate (depending on the injury this may be extreme to the point of whiting out. I can confirm this because I had this happen to me after Surgery once. It is unpleasant.)
Wonky focusing of the eye's lenses, could be represented by screen edge blurring
Tunnel vision, represented by an intensified vignette effect.
Possibly discoloration of vision in extreme states of shock, or loss of vision in head injuries.

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add shaking camera and fatigue to the soldier so he is a bit out of breath and it gets close to perfect :)

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it will be like the bullet went through the monitor ;)

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