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Separate Controls for Parachute Moviments
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Please implemente im control setings a separete control setings to customize the parachute movement controls. (like W, A, S and D)

My control setings only work with W, S, Left Arrow and Right Arrow and I don't know how or were i can change this controls.


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Currently it is bound to the Helicopter's cyclic left and right controls, which are left and right by default. They really need to separate it from the helicopter controls. Honestly, they really need to not treat the parachute like it's a vehicle.

it should simply be link to the infantry movement.

This layout for parachute controls is dumb and merrily hacked into two separate controls. One set of controls is used for before the parachute opens, another set of a controls seems to be mapped to helicopter controls after the parachute opens.

Granted, I understand parachuting is treated as a vehicle type.

But it is really confusing when trying to trouble shoot further problems, such as why I can no longer control left/right actions after the parachute deploys, even through left/right 'a' and 'd' keys are mapped within helicopter controls. It would appear I've found another faulty configuration file problem, but it's difficult to discern directly due to this bug's description!

I can see that I can control (after parachuting deployment) using a joystick, and I have already mapped 'a' and 'd' keys appropriately within version 1.50 within the helicopter cyclic, but still I have apparently absolutely no left and right control after parachute deployment. Every time at this point after parachute deployment, my character is set within a hard left bank with only joystick left/right controls.

UPDATED 2015.09.30 01:26 I just found the cause of my problem. If there is no dead zone set, or the dead zone (for the X axis of the joystick) is set to zero (ie. '0'), then after deploying a parachute, the joystick may erroneously push left or right input, resulting in the hard left or right banking even though 'A' or 'D' keys are properly mapped and are being used. Looks like joystick input is given priority over keyboard input. The simple solution, provide a dead zone for the X and likely Y axis, or leave the joystick customized dead zone controls as defaults.

Similar to issue 21423.