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multiple friendly fire for pilot when helicopter crashes
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if a pilot is transporting many players and gets shot by an AA missile => the helicopter engines turn off and the helicopter crashes. The pilot cannot eject from the helicopter and what happens is that he gets negative score points for the:

  • helicopter being crashed
  • any transported players getting killed during the heli crash

I also heard that this can happen if any vehicle that is shot and not destroyed instantly (for ex APC shot by AT missile/rocket) and that explodes afterwards (the driver gets score penalty for the destroyed vehicle and killed transported troops)

This is problematic in my mission where i use the score increase/decrease to detect a friendly kill (destroying friendly units/vehicles) instead of using more complex scripting.


  • give negative score (for vehicle and transported troops) only if plane/helicopter can still fly (no damage to engine, rotor, etc) this means that the pilot is bad => in other words, same as current system but check vehicle status
  • do not give negative score if the plane/helicopter crashes because it cannot fly anymore (engine, rotor are damaged) => no score penalty for the pilot
  • more simple solution is no score penalty for collisions


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I agree about the points, but perhaps it could be a difficulty option.

Now that autorotation is possible, in higher difficulties helicopter pilots should be expected to be skilled in autorotation and then they should be responsible for the lives in their helicopter.

Well, currently if a rocket hits you, you fall like a brick. - It is realistic though... I mean, a rocket can easily rip a helicopter into pieces, especially the blades.

So... No, helicopter pilots should have the same thing like APC drivers would.

The helicopter and the people on board are strictly speaking the pilot's responsibility, and if the helicopter goes down, that means the pilot (or co-pilot) has done something wrong. Just my opinion. For mission makers a way of bypassing this would be useful though.

Have you ever flown a Hummingbird...? That thing has no countermeasures as you know, and once you are locked on, you are doomed with the latest flight model. There is no way you can outfly a heatseaker in Arma.

I have mostly saved all my passengers and i would even die in-game to save them, but in some situations it is just not possible to save them...

In my opinion, you should only get the entire teamkill if the helicopter gets destroyed without being damaged by enemies. (Crashing by lack of skills)

I agree with most of what you say, but the best way (and in the case of the XH-9s, the only way) of avoiding AA missiles is to stay out of their line of sight by for instance using hills as cover. Also, not flying close to an AO known to have AAA present is obviously a good idea.

This is especially important in the XH-9 due to the lack of flares/chaff/confetti.

That said, I personally think the score is a way of showing who causes losses of equipment and troops, so not being "punished" by the score does seem a bit strange to me. Of course, surviving the crash or respawning only to be shot by friendly units because they now see you as hostile is even stranger.

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There is no reason to have penalties when your vehicle is destroyed and you are the driver, even or not with friendly units inside. It's unrealistic to become a renegade - this is the reason why ex-friendly shoot at you - because you're hit by missile or victim of an accident.
Furthermore, in some cases, an intentional blast of a damaged vehicle is more realistic than leaving unused assets on battlefield.

The only reprehensible fact should be destroying a (same) side vehicle if not inside and vehicle still able (canfire + canmove).
In other terms, something like:
_true_side = getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side"); (where _x is checking for vehicle)

if (_true_side(_x) == _true_side(player) && vehicle player != player && canmove _x && canfire _x) then {penalties};

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the solution I found so far for this issue is to use AddScore event handler and prevent negative score penalty for any player that is dead at the moment the score penalty is to be applied (on server side)

From m point of view this issue can be closed since there is a workaround through scripting

Check 1 situation please. It is possible to crash land a chopper where the crew die but the heli is (mostly) intact. What does your system do?

I disagree applying penalty for every empty/emptied vehicle because, on real ground you don't want some equipments fall into enemies hands. That could be a good reason also in MP scenarios.
So, as you know, emptied vehicle are sided with the last disembarked crew. If your team have to leave a blue vehicle, it's sometimes preferable to blow it.

This ticket should be fixed, not closed. And btw, could you be so kind as to update:

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