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First Person Player Model: Higher resolution textures and more polygons
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At the moment, the first person player model really does not look that good (look over your left shoulder at the walki talki for example, if you want to see something really ugly), in comparison to third person view, you really notice the low resolution textures and the low polygon count when looking at your virtual body.

It would be great, if at least for the players soldier model, the resolution of the textures and the polygon count could be improved.
I think especially for integration with oculus rift, this would be a very welcoming improvement, as the low quality first person player model will be even more visible in VR. {F21016}


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Actually the first person player model is the same as the third person one.

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exactly, this is why it looks so bad in first person.

I think if they were going to redo textures they should increase the resolution of the vehicle cockpit textures.

it's so shameful that their way of "optimization" is beating the hell out of the graphics.

why would anyone vote that down? if you want to keep playing with outdated graphics, go reinstall operation flashpoint. but don't ruin this for everyone else.

zomg lowres walkie immersion ruind!
Srsly, minor issue not worth the hussle. Highres hands only will have to do.