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setObjectViewDistance appears to do nothing + wiki error
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According to wiki it supposed to change rendering distance of objects. I haven't managed to make it to produce any effect whatsoever be it 0m distance or 10000m distance

Also when array supplied it wants only 2 elements while wiki says it can take 3. The ingame help doesn't even have mention of array parameter.


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open debug console type

setObjectViewDistance 0
no change
setObjectViewDistance 10000
no change
setObjectViewDistance [0,0]
no change
setObjectViewDistance [10000,10000]
no change

setObjectViewDistance [100,100,100] <- error too many elements.

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Apologies ingame debug console popup also says it can take 3 element array like on wiki, but obviously it is n0t true

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Still needs fixing.

yep, tried setting to 12000, objects not visible beyond 3km.

Version 1.05.111658 and still not working. We also need a objectViewDistance command akin to the viewDistance command that returns the value(s) currently set.

We can avoid objectViewDistance if setObjectViewDistance will accept -1 values as default user-set values in video options.

still not working unfortunately.

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Nearly a year, can we get an update on this please.

BIS, I am guessing this is not an easy fix?

Bumping this ticket, this fix is really needed for King of the Hill because it is very troublesome to go into video options each time you look through optics.

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Could we get this fixed pls ?

This script command should be fixed in current dev version. Biki documentation was edited.

I'll be darned. :D Thanks!

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