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Armoured vehicles can destroy character model.cfg and skeleton
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If the game loads an armoured vehicle such as the Marshall, Panther, Marid or Kamysh, before a 'man' class unit, the game will fail to load the OFP2_ManSkeleton model.cfg, which causes all Man class units to break, and displays an error.

In order to accomplish this, the game must be started with the -world=empty parameter in the "Launch Options"/"Target" line, then if a player loads Stratis in the Editor and places down an armoured vehicle (e.g the AM-7 Marshall) with the player set as a crew member (e.g. Commander, Gunner, Driver), then hit 'preview' to start the mission.

My experience is that the game will take a long time trying to load the mission and cause the HDD to make a lot of noise, before it reverts back to the editor screen displaying the error message: "No entry 'config.bin,CfgSkeletons'." If you then click 'preview' again, the mission will load, but the skeletons/animations of all Man class units in the mission will be corrupted.

All Man class units will remain corrupted until the game is restarted in a way that does not trigger the bug.

If the player loads the mission as a unit other than an armoured vehicle, but with non-player armoured vehicles in the mission, this bug will not occur and the mission and Man class units will load as normal.

If the player loads the game without the -world=empty parameter, this bug will also not happen because the "menu screen mission" for Stratis will cause the game to initialise a Man class unit before and Armoured vehicle. {F21011}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. *IMPORTANT* Ensure that -world=empty is in your launch parameters for Arma 3 so that the "menu screen mission" is the empty ocean scene. *IMPORTANT*
  1. Start the mission editor and select Stratis - this will allow the game to load the island without loading the initial Altis menu screen mission and associated units first.
  1. Place down a vehicle from the list of 'Armor' class units in the mission editor (Marshall, Panther, Marid or Kamysh), making sure that that the player is a crew member. *IMPORTANT* Make sure the Armored vehicle is the FIRST object you place down in the editor *IMPORTANT*. AFAIK you can place other non-playable units down in the editor afterwards and still trigger the bug.
  1. Hit 'Preview' to initialise the mission. After some time the game should send you back to the editor without loading the mission, displaying the message "No entry 'config.bin,CfgSkeletons'."
  1. Hit 'Preview' again. This time the mission should load, allowing you to drive your armoured vehicle around, but you will notice that the animations/skeleton of all Man class units in the scene (i.e your vehicle crew) will be broken. This is best observed by dismounting the vehicle and commanding others to do so.
Additional Information

There appears to be some related .rpt lines generated when the bug occurs.

Obsolete CfgSkeletons for OFP2_ManSkeleton, move to model.cfg
Warning Message: No entry 'config.bin.CfgSkeletons'.
Warning Message: No entry '.OFP2_ManSkeleton'.
Warning Message: No entry '.skeletonInherit'.
Warning Message: '/' is not a value
Warning Message: No entry '.skeletonBones'.
Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array
Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array
Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array
Warning Message: No entry '.isDiscrete'.
Warning Message: '/' is not a value

And a huge bunch of lines describing how the bones of OFP2_ManSkeleton have disappeared e.g:

Error: Bone face_cheekfrontleft doesn't exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton

Resulting 'non-existant Bone' spam in .rpt results in the log file being ~13MB in size so I cannot attach the full thing.

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Thank you very much for the purrfect report and reproduction steps! (one of the best and most helpful I've seen so far!)

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I ran into this myself and couldn't find a way to reproduce it, nice work dude.

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Can confirm. Loaded a mission that was made prior to 0.74(stable) update. Mission hung at loading screen. Report file was 20MB, and had thousands of skeleton errors.

I came across this bug report, and opened the mission in editor. Deleted all armored vehicles, and saved the mission. Replaced the armored vehicles, and saved again. Now the mission loads fine. What this did was place the armored vehicles at the bottom of mission.sqf, which allowed all characters to load first.

Can confirm. Ran into this myself yesterday but couldn't figure out the reason. Thank you very much, da12thMonkey!
Although, apart from what is described above, I experienced that the player does NOT have to be in one of said vehicles, the sole presence of it is enough to break the game.

Will confirm as well. I didn't bother deleting all the vehicles and waypoints to test as that would be remaking the mission basically. Loading worked but took a long time, RPT file was 18MB with mostly "Error: Bone face_browfrontleft doesn't exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton" errors.

Quick fix was to get rid of world=empty in launch parameters and now it works fine.

Also, player and playable units are basic infantry, nothing to do with enemy or friendly vehicles.

oukej added a comment.Aug 9 2013, 3:02 PM

This should be fixed already in the latest DEV build

Yes, seems to be fixed.

Nice work guys :)

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