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can you add more speakers from different regions or accents
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i would like speakers who have an accent that is NOT american.


the speakers are too plain and simple.
need to spice things up!


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go to edit your profile.. click speaker, go through all of them... oh look :( same accents

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by the term speakers i mean the profile speaker for your character.

for another example... go play BAF or PMC...

( I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST AMERICAN ACCENTS, just needs more of a mix )

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I'd like to hear my own country (Netherlands 'dutch') speak in this game.

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even the IRANIAN forces speak american at the moment lol

Mldri added a subscriber: Mldri.May 7 2016, 3:33 PM

Don't forget, this is the future. By 2035, Iran has been conquered by US and is now the 51st state. But they started an uprising. That's why they speak with an american accent. Everything has an explanation, see?

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:33 PM do you explain the whole NATO army having American accents?

excuse the language... that's bollocks that removes any sort of realism... they would have at least the iranian accent.. (no punn intended)

anyway im just asking for more profile speakers of accents and regions

Haha, I wasn't being serious. Of course it is stupid :D

i believe there are people from different countries in the american army hahaha

seriously... we British folk have also joined the US army in certain circumstances.
it sounds like your saying all Americans sound alike.. when infact they do not.

you come to england (if not already) and you go to the north and then south... you tell me if you notice any accent changes XD

oh sorry mldri sounded like you was :L

Whew with the annoying voices from PMC you'd think you'd have learned your lesson...

it was only an example "mepwaygame" id rather them make new accents from scratch and NOT port them over

Haha I know... but still they might 'port' the same voice actors over from wherever they found them. Anyway I'm sure more voices are coming. I'm sure they'll be ridiculous as well, but if I played this game for the voice acting I wouldn't have gotten past Arma 2!

lets just hope and pray ey ;)

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