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can we have a STEALTH - AWARE and a STEALTH - COMBAT combat mode
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i noticed that when AI are NOT in combat, the AI hardly move and this makes stealth missions LONG! lol


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go to editor
place a group (F2)
make waypoint 700 odd meters away on STEALTH mode
most of the time the AI hardly moves except stay prone
try and be squad leader

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even if it was imoplemented WITHIN the stealth combat mode so when the AI were not in combat they would speed up a tiny knotch and when in combat they would be more stealthy like :)

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But that would negate the STEALTH bit. If you want to move faster just issue them to be 'Aware' or 'Combat', move the desired distance, and reissue the 'Stealth'. Wont that do the same thing?

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but what if you needed to whisper?
either way it would be used quite alot regardless :)

i think it would be useful even if the AI knew when to pick up the pace but still have that stealthy actions and sounds...

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This ticket would make more sense:

It's about giving the order "loud or silent". This way you could continue to use "aware", "combat" etc. Otherwise I would second what KardasLT wrote. Set to "hold fire" and "aware".

Agreed, Ai's move extremely slowly in Stealth.

What's the use? They made the 'Combat' mode, which is more like 'Please-Get-Shot' mode. Then there's Stealth mode which is just makes AI crawl or STAND UP AND RUN AND GET US ALL SHOT.

Now they're gonna make another AI behavior that magically works?

The use is to improve the game. It's in beta, it's not going to be perfect. It's the communities job to find and report these problems

OHHHHHH it's in beta! Thanks for clearing that up for me :P

I was having flashbacks to the last game that wasn't in beta and had these same issues - you know the ones you just found...

But maybe I'm missing the point. I'm just trying to think of a time where the AI needs to be both in STEALTH and COMBAT mode. Because I think of stealth as trying not be detected at all.

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