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Civilian Vehicles
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We need more civilian vehicles! A police car with working sirens would be sick as well!


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its still Beta

I am positive the full game will have more Civilian vehicles, the game is in Beta right now.

I realize that, but implementing them now will get our feedback in earlier. Also, i'm sure many mission makers could use these.

Lets get the military stuff first, then lets toy with civ-stuff - e.g. downvoted.

And yes, i would also like a fire truck with functional ladder, or a police car, or a 15t-Truck, or , or .... :-D.

Stratis is the most of military island, so actually we dont need police cars...

I mainly upvoted this because even though there will be more vehicles I know already, I REALLY WANT a Police Car with working sirens so I can make a certain video.

search for an ArmA 2 addon of it then, because the Beta explains everywhere that this is beta and it doesn't contain the shit the relase ver. should get

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i want a 40ft lorry :|..... :P haha gotta love toying around with the editor at times.... OMG BUS IED no its a pigoen IED :/ runnn

We need fewer B.S. tickets!

ah, hi tyler, i am still expecting your next troll-ticket trying to make ArmA more codish.

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