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Track vehicles need "track sound" when moving
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IFV-6c Panther tanks in the latest beta really need some sort of "track sound" when they move. I'm sure this may very well be a possible addition later in the game. Any track vehicle I encountered in the Army had a distinctive "squeak" and "clap" during movement. The track vehicles in the game right now sound just like another wheeled vehicle moving.


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a bit of tread squeeking would be awesome, one of the things saddly missing from all the previous Arma have the engine but not the sound of the tracks themselves.

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They added that in the latest dev. Ohhhh, that clanking noise. Gives me shivers just thinking of it ;)

The new track sound is nice though they sound a bit quiet in comparison to the engine, especially on concrete ground. I don't know how loud the engine is so I can't say but to illustrate my above example I'd like to point to 15:43-16"21 of this video

More squeekage though a bit more shrieky along with some loud track thumping

That Merkava is a beast of a tank :). I do agree with you, some variation should be added and made a bit louder. Upvoted