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Strange iron sight view of the diver
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If you play as a diver and switch from your SDAR to your pistol before entering the water, you aren't able to switch back to your SDAR as long as you are swimming and diving (

Under those circumstances you can still change the fire mode of your SDAR (pressing F by default).

If you now press the key for your iron sight optic (right mouse button by default), you will get an "over the shoulder" view while swimming or a "hip heigh" view while floating (look at the attachment). {F20904} {F20905}


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. open the editor
  2. place a diver at the beach
  3. play as the diver and before entering the water, just switch to you pistol
  4. as long as you are in the water, you are not able to switch to your weapon
  5. press the "F" key for changing the fire mode
  6. press the "right mouse button" for the optics mode

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Since the latest Beta Patch 0.76xx the strange optic view is resolved and not present anymore.

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