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Player direction changes when releasing the LOOK key
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When player is running, after holding the LOOK key and looking around, when LOOK is released, the direction of player movement is suddenly set to a new direction.

This is a new bug in DEV Branch 0.73.107769

If the player is in Combat Pace, Walk, or not moving, the direction change does not happen, but the view still spins back in a buggy way.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run North.
  2. While still moving, hold LOOK and look left or right.
  3. Release LOOK.
  • Notice a sudden spin around of player.
  • Notice you are now not facing North as you should be.
Additional Information

A related bug:

The NUMPAD Number keys are also buggy in this version,

For example holding NUM6 normally turns the players head to look at 3oclock position.

Now holding NUM6 makes the players body rotate to face 3oclock, but the view stays at 12oclock!

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Same issue: #11583 (for the sake of continuity)

I can confirm that this is true. It is especially annoying as I have been using the LOOK keys to change the camera since Arma 1. When I press numpad 6 or 4, the player changes direction yet continues to look in the previous direction. It is undone when the player releases the button. This is on the latest DEV branch.

Confirmed, it also makes Freetrack headtracking impossible. The effect from movement with trackIR is a very fast spinning of the player.

EddieG added a subscriber: EddieG.May 7 2016, 3:30 PM

Confirmed with TrackIR


Any idea when this is going to be fixed, since right now the DEV branch is unplayable due this bug.

I guess it's related to implementing TrackIR/OculusRift/Controller support, but I guess (until fixed) the best solution is to revert to an older version of the freelook script.

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This should be fixed now, please take a look.

Thank you!

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yes i can confirm this is fixed

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.

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