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AI uses AT launchers against infantry targets.
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AI spend precious missiles on infantry and become helpless against vehicles.

AI uses the rockets vs infantry targets

These are precious AT rockets that should not be used against infantry. {F20820}


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Launched the attached demo mission.

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This issue appear after 0.72 update.

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Now that's a true classic! This feature/bug has been seen in Armed Assault and maybe even ArmA II (not sure though). Fortunately, it disappeared after the nth patch, so keep hoping.

actually in A2 it be worse. They Grab they're AT at Inf do nothing with it. then walk away like nothing happend.

Yeah I'm just glad they're not afraid to use that damn launcher. And since the AI gets killed anyway they're better off shooting rockets while they can.

Flipp added a subscriber: Flipp.May 7 2016, 3:27 PM

They should just keep most of their rockets.

After a longer firefight with no progress i would try to fire a AT rocket against infantry. But not at the beginning.

Quote: Although it has a specifically shaped charge warhead, the concussion, blast effect, and shrapnel are very effective against infantry.

AT launchers are widely used in RL against infantry or buildings..whats the point of this ticket..nerfing?
And..why wait for using AT against enemy?
You might save some friendly lives before enemy gets more 'cover' position

The AI is spamming the RPGs extensively. In previous patches they used them mostly against vehicles and only occasionally against infantry. They are now using them almost likely primary weapons.

Worse than that the RPG seems unaffected by AI skill. They are deadly accurate at 700m, they never miss and will fire rockets in preference to their rifles. Its like the AI is walking around with artillery and it changes the nature of the game dramatically from Alpha and initial Beta play as well as the gameplay style from Arma 2. Its not good from a mission perspective, whether realistic or not its simply no fun to play against enemy with RPGs, they simply use them too readily.

I've experimented in the editor and have found that it's just Rifleman ATs who will fire RPGs at GROUPS of STATIONARY infantry. Missile Specialists carrying Titan launchers don't seem to fire them at infantry...

This seems pretty realistic. I don't think an RPG round is so precious you wouldn't use it to wax a group of guys if you could... and it only looks like they're spamming rockets when you have a group made of nothing but Rifleman ATs. MAYBE they should fire one at a time, but that's a minor issue.

This ticket seems more geared towards the annihilation of a new FEATURE / IMPROVEMENT rather than a tweak

So we have 10 to 1 votes to get rid of:

  1. an AI improvement
  2. more realism and challenge
  3. more variety
  4. more explosions

Maybe people can enlighten me as to why they're upvoting?

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Well if you think about real life the Taliban use RPG's on Infantry all the time. This could be a bug or intentional.

Heruon added a subscriber: Heruon.May 7 2016, 3:27 PM

@mepwaygame You do realize that this is an old bug that suddenly made it back from arma 2? If you make a mission where tanks arrive abit later into a fight of infantry vs. infantry, there won't be any AT left. We're talking about professional soldiers.

If the AI wipes out an entire squad because they're bunched up and out in the open I wouldn't call it a bug.

I understand the argument for saving AT rounds, but the AI can't even suppress, and they can barely shoot. I wouldn't call them professionals. And how they supposed to know you have tanks at the end of your mission? Is there a crystal ball in one of the ammo boxes? :)

Either way, if you have Missile Specialists instead of Rifleman ATs in your missions they should save their ammo for the tanks.

I made a vid of an AI experiment regarding this topic if you care:

There was no problem if the AI only use launchers against enemy groups but they fire even if there is only one soldier.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:27 PM

Even if they fire at groups, I think they should save at least one round, if an armored vehicle comes.

I just tested as a single sniper and did get the AI to shoot RPGs at me, though I was just standing there. I guess if you give them a shot they'll take it if they don't kill you quickly enough with rifles. So I was wrong about the groups thing, but I was still asking for it...

I'd definitely be happy with them saving the last rocket, or only using RPGs on infantry when a human player orders it (or if otherwise enabled), or whatever.

I just don't want to play the game and think "Well we're just some measly rifleman so at least we never have to worry about being shot at by RPGs..."

Or in other words: once the AI starts following very strict rules on when to do what then the simulation aspect of the game is gone... Because then you know exactly what they'll do. Really anything should be possible, but the probable should happen most of the time.

Fisgas added a subscriber: Fisgas.May 7 2016, 3:27 PM

If they have fragmentation rounds or something designed to fire at infantry, they should keep engaging infantry with AT. However if their only munitions are armor piercing they should save them for vehicles.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:27 PM

Todays Dev build they ready the weapon and don't fire. Most obvious with OPFOR AT riflemen who get slaughtered.

pettka said: "That is actually because of lack of new EXE - there has been added some new functionality for this but it doesn't work without the exe. This should be fixed soon-ish"

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The AI should have 2 rockets against tanks, which they only use against tanks. And they should have one more rocket for infaterie and other stuff. Also they really shouldn't you all they rockets at the same time. In one of my missions a frindly AT Team with 3 AT had to stop an convoy with 2 enemy Ifrit.
All 3 AT soldiers shot they rocket at the first Ifrit the other one survived.
That should get changed.

Haven't seen for some time that AI firing on infantry with launchers.
Assuming fixed.