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AMV gets stuck half on land partly in water and connot move.
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i was driving my AMV-7 along the coastline in a multilayer server and my vehicle stopped moving at a location along the coastline where the left side of the vehicle was partly in the water, but the other side is out of the water. {F20818}


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I used editor and placed an AMV just below the bay next to camp tempest (where this happened) and drove the AMV partially in the water and partially on land, then drove it around and it got stuck in the same position next to a boulder and i wasn't able to move again.

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APCs ability to go from water to land needs some tweaking, it's usually hard to do so if you don't find a flat beach

IIRC, there is already a report about this. Let me try to find it.
Edit: #0009767

its not just APCs its also the strider

and you guys are 100% shure that you aren't driving this thing over a rock or some other decal.

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Duplicate of #9767

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Closing as duplicate.