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CH 49 can land without wheels at 200 KPH (Video)
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What it seems like is CH 49 has roling wheels, and if landing from inside the cocpit it seems very natural and just as it is supposed to be.

I like that it can land like that and feels like it actually has wheels which are rolling. (Not sure about the 200 KPH though, but still fills natural to be able to land and roll.


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We need an option to deploy landing gear manually.

Also, no other chopper in game can roll. Anything else either explodes or nose dives.

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yeah it can do that and when wheels are deployed they autobrake your aircraft

The post should be about wheels not being deployed because it is automatic and not manual as it should be. Helicopters landing using there wheels has been a request from the community for a long time.

I know. This is a bug, because a chOpper should blow up if landing without wheels. This actually proves that wheels have no physics.

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oopppsy daisy

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