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V.A.S. and Domination Missions do not work
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When trying to play a Domination mission VS:2.99 the mission does not load properly and gun sounds are not Audible. It turns to night when it should be day and the V.A.S. does not Initialize properly, And the main objectives\Side do not spawn in.


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This happens because CfgFunctions preinit in A3 does not work correctly anymore since a few days (afaik since tuesday A3 DEV version).
preinit is not processed before other inits and so it breaks the mission.

From RPT:
[13189,388.43,0,"Executing Dom init.sqf"]
[13191,388.536,0,"Executing Dom fn_preinit.sqf"]
[13191,388.559,0,"Dom fn_preinit.sqf processed"]

fn_preinit is called from CfgFunctions with preInit = 1. But as you can see it gets executed 2 frames after init.sqf.

preInit functions were accidentally executed using spawn, not call. This lead to delay in more extensive functions.

Script loading order is now:

  1. Functions with 'recompile' param set to 1 are recompiled
  2. Functions with 'preInit' param set to 1 are called
  3. Wait until mission is initialized
  4. If the machine is client, it waits until server init was finished
  5. Multiplayer framework is initialized
  6. Modules are initialized (running their own scripts, functions just wait until those scripts are done)
  7. Mission scripts "initServer.sqf", "initPlayerServer.sqf" and "initPlayerLocal.sqf" are spawned
  8. Functions with 'postInit' param set to 1 are called

The changes should appear in the next dev branch

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.