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objects with "?" symbols need a specific icon
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pretty much explained it in my title...

I sometimes get confused on the objects in editor when they appear with a box with a ? inside it. you have no idea how big or small the object Is or what way it is facing...


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go to editor
place unit (you)
place object 80% of them are like this.

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if its possible could you add specific icons?

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Already made post about is but got closed as dupe -.-. But yes you are right. I already had frustrations in A3 trying to build bases and having to mess around with The GIANT squares with a ? in them.... and i dont like 3d editor so it was not an option.

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ohhh :( I felt important for a second lol

wheres your ticket? I would like to vote please.

It got removed by maddogx as dupe. there is already a ticket about this but its somewhere on the darkside of

hmmm not rooting through thousands of tickets....
ill take my chances :)

xD same here. FIlter on this side is crappy so im rather not filter stuff will see if its dupe or not. And hey we give the mods somthing to do :P.

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Duplicate of #0003457

will this ever be changed?

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Closing as duplicate.