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blufor Officer looks extremely ridiculous... even maybe opfor too...
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i noticed that when u spawn a blufor officer... his HAT! has NV attached like a helmet would do.

surely this guy wouldnt have NV on his head with a cap??


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I think he doesn't even need NVGs.

i think, he has some sort of rigging under his hat, hasn't he?

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i think it looks wierd, the whole outfit looks odd... officers should have a pistol or a SMG

Give the Officer a classic M1911A1 just to make him look well classic!

stupid question:
is an "officer" never a fighting unit? if he isn't a fighting unit, he really would not need nvg and assault rifle. pistol or smg would be enough.

classic officer from ARMA 2 would be cool?

Officers in A2 where just fancy Drill instructors. Now they look like some soldier ofduty hybride...

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