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Game Crashes after 20-45 minutes of gameplay
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Seems like it happens most often in co op but does still happen in every game time i get about 20-45 minutes of play before i have to ctrl alt delete and kill arma {F20741}


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Game Crash
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play any mp server

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system info.
i5 3570k
EVGA 560GTX SC - non ti
16 gigs gskill ddr3

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silly question, but have you tried playing without all the commandline switches: "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -high -maxMem=12288 -noSplash -world=empty"?

Try without -cpucount, -exthreads, -high, and -maxmem (which from what i've read is capped at 2gig anyway, and if not capped in A3, you may be running out of memory in windows by setting it to 12gig).

I'm also going to guess you're overclocking your graphics card - i had the same issue with a 560 ti, and my current radeon 7870 - OC works awesome most of the time but when heavy rendering would freeze up and require a ctrl-alt-del. Try boosting your voltage?

Let us know if any of that helped

My card is overclocked from the factory and uses EVGA Precision to use a solid fan profile. Some of the command line stuff i added because i was getting the CTD's ill try to remove them again and see what happens.

also i have no issues with no other games whether it be metro last light, bf3, crysis 3, or benchmarks such as furmark or heaven unique, so i find it hard to believe it is due to any overclocking on my end and not just bad programming on armas end.

Can you please upload .midmp and .bidm file too? When file will be too big, so please use some free sharing service and write link here. Thank you.

Those other files had been purged it seems heres all 3 from my latest crash i will upload them.

first file:
second file:
third file:

i've never used that service before i was going to use google drive but it wasnt letting me upload properly if those dont work let me know and i will upload them else where.

astaroth i figured it out in arma i had vsync off in the arma 3 settings which i normally keep off because i let NV Control panel set the vsync to adaptive. this is what was crashing my game. i changed it to use 3d application setting i have not crashed like this since. this needs to be addressed cause im sure im not the only one who uses adaptive.

Does this still happen?

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