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Inconsistent rate of fire depending on FPS
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A fully automatic weapons rate of fire is dependent on the simulation fps. The lower the fps the lower rate of fire. The most obvious example being miniguns.
Please remove the rate of fire fps dependancy.

However, I do realize this is probably not possible with the current engine. Just thought it's worth mentioning.


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Fire full auto at different fps.

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This drives me nuts. Rate of fire always seems inconsistent and sloppy. It's not just the framerate

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try turning down filtering to X4 or X2... seemed to work for me
its deffo FPS related... maybe will be fixed as optimization continues

GPU and CPU utilization is what they are working on now i gues. Allowing almost everyone to have the same fps accept for people having better systems. But yhea i noticed this my fps dropped bellow 9 and the Firerate was extreemly slow. When it raised back to 40 1 mag was empty whitin a sec. when the fps was stable again firerate went to normal.

I suppose this will improve over time to be honest nothing we can really do about it now unless you lower your settings.

^true but some people still have issues with massife lag spikes. Even do reducing your graphics it still ocures in mp sessions. Also why make a game with ultra graphics and fancy shaders if no one could run it on thoese settings because the weapons would fire weird.

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Well.. the problem is severely worsened by the fact that fps drops when shooting full auto using optics. The first shots land where you want them to, but then the reticle is all over the place and so are the bullets. And my fps is really smooth otherwise.

Like this:

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Physics are always dependant to the FPS, it happends with 90% of the games that the FPS drops change the physics, cant do nothing about it

And that attitude is what causes games to stagnate in mediocrity. Especially ironic in this case, considering that there *are* things you can do to mitigate this effect (and no, it doesn't have anything to do with physics Death).

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yeah, it kinda has, you can check most of the games out there, changing FPS does change the physics, animations and physics and such are usually made to be used with a certain amount of FPS

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@DR_Death: That's a thing that was introduced with console games. Consoles are cancer for the pc. I'd like to know if this has been the case since OFP or was introduced with Arma 3.

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i dont think that consoles are cancer....