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HEMTT fuel tank hit boxes incorrect
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There are obvious fuel tanks on the HEMTT but hitting them with any caliber of hand held weapons will not damage the "Fuel" component, although it seems to be misplaced to somewhere else on the vehicle (could not find the exact spot)


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Spawn a HEMTT
Shoot at the fuel tanks on the side of the vehicle
Watch as the vehicle doesn't explode and Fuel component remain white/100%

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Wierd, i tested it almost a week ago, and with alot of ammo, managed to damage the fuel tanks. I guessed it was just considered armoured. Would be good to look into it though, just in case. In the meantime ZAMAK takes 3 rounds to the fuel tank to go boom.

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So I was messing around with all of the vehicles trying to find their individual hit boxes, and at the time, for some reason, I could find all of them except for the civilian truck and damage all but the HEMTT (I was using the sniper and thought a shot or a few at the tank would be enough)
I went back on and tried using a machine gun and it seemed to penetrate in a few rounds easier than the sniper, so the fuel tank hit box is in the right place, so my ticket is now considered invalid, I suppose, though a full magazine from the sniper still only makes it orange

Tl;dr, the hit box is in the right place, but may require too much effort to destroy

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I reported it here.
It's not only the HEMTT.

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There are some techniques to prevent Fuel leak form single or even some more bullet holes(like use some kind of rubber or glue lining).And explode is even more impossible.

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