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asthma inhaler
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There is clearly an epidemic of asthma causing these authentic highly trained future soldiers episodes of blurred/pulsing vision and heavy breathing as though struggling to breath at all.

While the loud heavy breathing and headache inducing visual effects are such a joy to deal with, I think there should be an asthma inhaler or shots that a medic can apply to both themselves and other soldiers suffering from asthma.

Or perhaps these digital soldiers are merely out of virtual shape and need a gym on Stratis and Altis to get their airborne shuffle on, that way when players decide to play and have fun, their soldier will be in shape and ready to go and then we can actually have fun and stuff.

Realism = fun right...


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run for little bit

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Maybe the Iranians can have a auto inhaler on their space helmets.

Also soldiers should have to refill their camelbacks at the start of every mission and have to drink several gallons a day from it or else they pass out and stuff like how that cool DayZ game does it, because again realism = fun.

And since so many seem to be on this crusade to make Arma super realistic and take the fun out of it, let's add a feature where soldiers have to eat, poo/pee, sleep, add baby wipes for combat showers and let's not stop there, let's add moar realism by requiring PFT's and if your digital soldier fails you can't play until you pass the next PFT.

Ohhh yeah and a ingame trading system that allows you to trade MRE's with eachother mmmmm Jambalaya my favorite!

Also let's include an enlistment form relevant to the player's nation of residence to serve in the armed forces so they can experience how cool and fun war is...Yeah let's keep adding realism and not make a good game. /rant

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In real life we can run (i don't talk about fast run or sprinting, just run) for 40Km or so, and in military training they run for 40Km or more depending of the army/country with all gear/equipment on them.
In Arma running for less than 1Km make the soldier completely exhausted, even without equipment, and exhaustion in Arma = hard to aim, it is really unrealistic.

Your sarcasm is neither funny nor helpful. This is a bug tracker not your personal blog.

Although the sarcastic/sardonic/satiric nature of this post probably will not please the majority of the community (or the moderators), I do agree that the stamina rates should be fixed. Running 60 meters should not trigger the low stamina visual, and I feel that a lot of people will not have such a negative opinion towards the low stamina visual if it's effects weren't triggered so frequently.

That being said, I like the low stamina effect in itself, because it is an effective way at making the player aware of things that usually only the character could be aware of. After a solid minute of pulsating grey screen, I feel like shit just as much as the character probably does. It just doesn't need to be tripped up after what's more or less a brisk jog.

Personally, I think it should start after the player runs a non-stop distance the equivalent of 3/4ths the airstrip (however long that is), but that's the call of the game designers.

And I don't find the condition or degradation of the Arma series to be funny at all. Downvoting something because of the way it's presented wont solve the ignorance to issues like this. If this was about adding something you "like" or suits your preference you'd have nothing to say except upvoting it. The double standards of this community needs to end promptly.

It isn't my place to please the community, that's the BIS' and the community managers job.

Perhaps the fatigue effects should be limited to the highest difficulty settings for all those hardcore chairborne rangers out there who apparently think that soldiers have terrible stamina or that MEPS doesn't DQ people with severe asthma...Ft. Bragg would eat people alive with such a terrible condition.

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"sarcastic/sardonic/satiric nature of this post" ROFL

Hey id like longer jogs aswell. But this ticket is about inhalers.

Forgive me if I see Arma treading a path to the same fate as DayZ. Ooo let's add blurred headache inducing vision like DayZ did, wow great idea now the game is moar funner.

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HA passing the job on to the modders good idea, maybe BIS can merge w/ Bethesda and share that same philosophy. BTW the ticket just flew right over your head, good reading skillz.

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