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Please Fix/Improve/Finish the editor
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Screenshot of frequently used objects that have been placed in the editor:

Editor Screen Shot of all those Objects, without any duplicates:

This can be particularly irritating when trying to assemble training objects such as a shoot-house, because the ? blocks are not true to direction or size. I have been making missions for every Arma release all the way back to operation flashpoint, it is frustrating to wait, and wait, and wait for things like this to get finished and not see it happen. The only real need for a 3D editor in the game is for placement of units/objects, so the 3D editor could be implemented to the full game and it's only functionality would be the [F1] unit/object placement function, that would be completely acceptable and vastly improve the quality of the editor.


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Try to build a mission that requires more input than using the editor alone.

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The editor should be more streamlined by now. You brag about how amazing your modding/editing community is in quite a few interviews, so why isn't making what they do as easy for them as possible a top priority? The less we have to focus on figuring out how to get this stuff to work, the more we can focus on the content we are trying to produce. Overall I truly feel that while the community content is impressive now, the quality of the content will increase significantly as it becomes easier to implement. As it is now, the community content is produced more for the purpose of fixing the game, than it is to add new content scenarios, and missions. I find this comparable to selling a customer a brand new lawnmower out of the box and expecting them to sharpen the blades, install the belts and chains, and tune the carburetor before they can really use it for what they want to. As it stands now it takes more time to produce a quality, detailed, and immersive mission than it does to actually play the mission once it is complete. Call me crazy, but how can you claim the editor is "such a powerful tool" when it takes 8-12 hours (assuming you know what you're doing) to create a top-notch quality mission that in the end we only get 2-3 hours of gameplay from?

Furthermore, if you're a modder, you're 3d modeling/animating software + texturing/editor + 3 of bohemia's tools + a converter + scripts + packaging .pbo add-on + testing + publishing. For Source SDK, Creation Kit, or CryEngine3 SDK = 3d modeling/animation program + texture/art/editor(2d stuff) + export plug-in provided by all 3 of the engines named, load into SDK again PROVIDED by the named engines = export to game

Thus, RealVirtuality Engine(Bohemia) modding steps(between) = 8-10 separate steps | MOST MODERN engines and sdk's (provided by devs) modding steps(between) = 5-6 at most.

I truly hope that the current editor is not the pinnacle of their idea of "complete" or finalized.

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I rather like the "?" symbol for placement in the editor, it reminds me of Arma2's editor.

Upvoted, i agree. I am just starting out with the editing and i must say it is incredibly difficult to do so with out scripting, also there is no real scripting tutorial anywhere to fully explain how to script with the editor let alone even the basic of things such as weapons on to soldiers or into weapon crates and vehicles. I could go on and on about things that shouldn't require scripting to be done in the editor.

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bring the loadout editor! :)

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