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MK20 reload animation
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I really would like to see the old reloading animation of MK20(the one in 0.70) instead of the new one in version 0.71.


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The magic charging handle moving back and slapping nonexistent bolt catches makes me wonder if this isn´t a test animation for another as of yet unintroduced weapon?

Agreed, the old animation was much more realistic. Also, the fire selector is in the wrong place too.

This needs to be fixed - just revert the old animation

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I would also very much like to see BI revert back to the old.

also small note - the new reload animation is wrong and unrealistic , the Mk20 reloads like G3/MP5 style just like the old reload animation

so i don't know why are you guys down voting this ...

so i don't know why are you guys down voting this

Some new to the series would do anything to spite "milsimmers".

Reload animation was fixed ,but it is too fast - because the reload sound is slower than actual animation

Yeah, a new magazine appears instantaneously in the user's hand after removing the old one. It skips the step of taking a new mag from the vest.

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