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All new weapons accuracy needs fix
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All new weapons have very poor alignment accuracy with onscreen cross hairs or reticules.

Zafir is worst example.


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I don't believe that have anything to do with accuracy

The weapon crosshairs are made to not show exactly where the bullets will hit and the hit point will move inside the crosshair.This is by design so players will actually have to use sights or accurate ire.

It is not an accuracy problem, the croshsair is here to simulate what people do while shooting WITHOUT aiming with iron sight, it fact it was not supposed to be show on the screen and you have to try to judge of where your weapon is aimed and its normal that bullet don't go on the center of the screen.

It not only happens with cross hairs but with iron sights and new scopes, zafir is offset the worst, cross hairs show example the most where rounds travel into and out of the top right corner of the cross hair, not withi9n as your are suggesting.

Crosshairs should only be a guestimate as to where the bullets end up. I do however think that there is a flaw that they are landing in a consistently predictable location in relationship to the crosshair.

I have also experienced these issues with the Zafir, the offset is incorrect. When firing the rounds are landing off at a 2 degree angle, it always fly to the top right of the crosshair.

See what I am actually saying naysayers, Its same with cross hairs, reticule and iron sight.

I understand the point of the cross hairs and how they are used, you are all correct in what your saying which means the issue is still there, as the rounds always go to the top right of the cross hair/reticule and iron sight.

Thanks machineabuse for rewording what I'm trying to say.

This issue is also present in single shoot mode ?
(If it is a bug you need to give more precision in the description of the problem)

Description isn't ideal, but the point is entirely true.

The Zafir sights are badly aligned. Not only do the rounds not land within the crosshair, but they reliably form a tight group away from the crosshair.

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