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Animals must can swim (dog, cow, rabbit, birds, cats)
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Now animals just waling on sea bottom, please make it swim
Here need just 2-3 animations (swim, idle in water, dead)


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Swimming and Diving
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In editor put any animal and goto water

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Those animals who don't swim, should simply drown and die.

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I'm not gona like or dislike simply because this is one of thoes request that aren't really that much of an important feature. I dont know how this would change the battlefield unless they make AI get destracted by every single animal they come across.

cant imagine rabbits swimming but im completely certain that cats DO HATE water :)

Even do its a post that should be prioratized ultra low. Dont get me wrong its a good thing people report these things but right now.... Engine physics CPU AND GPU utilization enc are more important :P

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dogs can swim, and dogs will be big part of gameplay

cats can swim, but, yes, hate water, rabbit is cats kingdom family
cows and birds can swim too :)

@Devs: here engine bug, and must be fixed, just make it correct, animals must keep on top of water level

No seriously people GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT. ANimals that can swim? idk how that is emproving the tactical and realism of this game. Even do animals can swim in reallife i dont think we are gona ride on the backs of cows into combat now are we. Yes this is somthing that needs to be tweaked but if i have to give it a priority its allll the waaay at the bottom because there are more important things to do.

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Troll issue? o.O

@Raoul1234, please dont be idiot, Im talking about engine bug, and developers mistake.

Any animal stay on sea bottom when you goto water, but he must swim or die!

Tacticool... tacticool...

I want t osee when you K9 dog cant swim throw river, in some mission...

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Pointless, /downvoted.

Updated some details in the ticket.

@Kol9yN its not an engine bug. Its just somthing the makers overlooked when testing some of the stuf. This is pointless doesnt bring annything interesting to the battlefield unless you wana attach a gun to a goat and runaround shooting people.