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AI over kill
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the AI can spot you even if you are using suppressor they can also kill you with one shot from 500-1000m they can also see at night with no night vision as if its day and they can go throgh walls


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Me and my gaming group have noticed this as well, though we find that it is within 600M-ish that they become deadly accurate snipers. Machine Gunners can take you down in a single burst rather than suppressing you. We have to park on far hills with armored vehicles and rain fire on them to counter it.

Please add your game settings (difficulty and AI level for friend and foe). I can not agree on 'regular' with standard AI level.

I think we need some sort of standard set to test the AI at. Just by fiddling with the settings, the deviations become erratic. Some people can run circles around the AI, while others still get one shotted from a mile away, while I have my settings where the AI is at least competent in fighting.

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ye this is same problem as in A2, AI aimbots ;) .. in A2 they were possible to give me headshot in an airplane.. :D

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Duplicate report / request.