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Would like more casual animations
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It would be nice to have NPCs perform the following casual animations during a Dismissed waypoint:

  • smoking
  • sleeping (when finds a bed in a tent?)
  • talking, laughing.
  • interacting with enviroment...checking the tank or randomly going to the outpost tower, or sitting on a chair vice versa.
  • Eating MRE


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Just wanted to run ideas by Devs that they of course could use at their discretion. If none of them are congruous with the current direction of the game, that's fine, feel free to close.

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Completely. These can easily enhance mission so game doesn't feel like sterilized from ordinary activities - because soldiers are humans too!

I would upvote if you remove the "smoking" animation idea.

I think that smoking animation is great idea, it doesn't always have to be uber-proffesional future combat. And mods like I44, Vietnam Mod would greatly benefit from this one little simple animation that can but doesn't have to be used.

Even old Ghost Recon had this animation and I remember when I made a mission where russians circled broken squad. They were setting up on the hill in the cave and Ghosts were set up to resque them. Little touches like some of them with no helmets, with bandage on their head leaning in the corner, and one of them smoking cigarette build up that immersion level.
It is not i want this idea because i smoke - i don't, but you agree that some do :)

BTW there was one guy on the screenshot of A3 - smoking cigarette:

Yeah go ahead, downvote. Watching AI walk from one way-point to the next or just standing there will never get old. If it's anything like Arma 2 at least they'll have animations for pushups and weird-looking-jumping-jacks-things :)

Anyway I was throwing things out there hoping for a little variety is all, but what are you guys, mormons? A lot of soldiers smoke during deployment because I dunno, they might get shot in the freaking face that day. And a lot of people in developing countries smoke as well. And now that I think of it, what kind of terrorists don't smoke!? You might as well just be killing Bambi.

But I digress, the important one is the eating animation because that will definitely help in Day-Z so everyone knows when you're eating out of the dumpster...

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Eating is acceptable, but Dayz and smoking are not.

i agree with this in full, even if it isn't an essential feature, and i won't be heartbroken if it doesn't get picked up. regarding smoking, i think it's odd that people are adamant that it should not be included. isn't that fairly standard in a military enviroment. as arma users often say, "don't make it ideal, make it realistic."
but what do i know?

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Here list of my obvious required animations:

peeing standing (for stealth actions and take downs)
stay and looking around, relaxed
stands leaning back against the wall, arms raised
crouch and checking boots
crouch and check ground/grass and trying to detect footprints
stay relaxed and drink something
stay and watch far away - scanning horizon
squatted down and warms his hands near the fire
juggles with some one item in hands
playing with cigarette lighter
counting bullets in magazine/checking magazine
sleeps on his side or on the back
seating and sleeping on chair
doing something near table (read docs, write something, give briefing)
walking relaxed, counting stars :)
pulled up on horizontal bar (street workout)
kicks the ball, playing with him as football player on trainings (dribbling)
stay relaxed and smoking (good for detect enemy's in night situations and sniper actions)
seating on ground, relaxed
boxing with phantom opponent
demonstrate muscles, biceps
telling joke
laughing, few variations
playing on guitar/mouth organ (harmonica) in different stances
hugging somebody
listening attentively some sounds
listen music, different variations
claps his hands
lying on a sun lounger
sniffing "powder" ;)
seating no char, legs on table, hands behind head (relaxed)
seating and watch TV (football, some sports)
digging the ground with a shovel
caring bucket
shake big bush/some fruit tree
relaxing in basin/jacuzzi as fat boss :)
lying on his back, hands behind his head, looks at the sky
stay on kneels hands cuffed behind back
walking animation with cuffed hands, as prisoner or arrested
playing with dog/cat, give feed, crouched
feeding birds
knocks by hammer, nails something to the wall
sawing wood
collecting firewood to the campfire
crouched, looking/touching flower/bush
crouched, building a sand castle :)
checks that have in their pockets and counts the coins
watching on family photo and kiss it, hide it in pocket
walks and swings his baseball bat
pulls out of the holy cross for sinus kisses him baptized and hiding the back
playing table games (poker, chess, checkers)
... etc

List is not finished and not full, its just first ideas coming to my head :)

BIS please give me .max Arma skeleton :) and I can make this and lot of other animations for that game and make it as gift for devs :) you free to contact with me ;)

funnily enought, those who played OFP probably remember peeing animation mod to it was hilarious :p
cool ideas Kol9yN. I hope that BIS would be open to animation tweaking/creating with or without 3d anim editor i created ticket for.

Oh cool 2 comments I didn't see... My faith in humanity is returning. Thank you for being sensible :)


Can you provide a link to said peeing mod?

We have perfectly rigged skeleton ;) (oops) but, BUT! need some "motivation&cookies" by BIS ;)

P.S. who have more ideas about casual and lore animations, please post it here for show BIS what they miss, and show us what we can to do in addon if BIS be lazy to do that :)

@AD2001 well right now it can be really hard to find it, its been years ago and there were tons of mods made for OFP more and less serious but i can check if google will find out

edit: im on the mobile and looking out for it is pain in the a**.

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JTCOIC Sims did a great anim pack for VBS2. Hopefully this vid will help sway the naysayers. Simulation and immersion go hand in hand. Any soldier/sailor/airman can tell you that a large portion of their time is spent " Coking and Joking" (drinking sodas and screwing around). Arma as a "Mil sim" and now as a "sandbox" has always served its player base well when it allows us to do "anything".

Voted Up

@mepwaygame those animations is triggered by codes by putting in the inti section of an AI. Which isn't some stupid key press.

about 20-40% animations you requested is already in BIS Animations viewer. check that out :)

@frostshazzy, I dont to pretend to be unique :), maybe, but lot of other anims still not in game, so have reason to make it

Thanks frostshazzy that was really helpful. I'm gonna go try to put some 'CODES' in the 'INTI' section of the AI now. Silly me I was trying to press keys to make them work :/

I'm so stupid sometimes. But thanks to you again :)

Please review your ticket and request specific animations which are actually missing (edit the description).

ArmA 2 already had these the smoking talking enc This would defenetly create more realistic envoirments i mean imagine just doing a mission sitting in an outpost nothing to do just smoking a cig reading some p*rn eating some food.

For animals too. I want to see animals eating and stuff too. BIS said they had mating animations for rabbits as well, but then they decided against it because of the ESRB rating.

I wish they'd bring those back, i could open a zoo on Altis :P

-.- lets try to keep it serious here.

i think the following casual animations are needed on dismissed...

  • smoking
  • sleeping (when finds a bed in a tent?)
  • talking, laughing.
  • different walking animations (so people do not walk exactly like everyone else)
  • interacting with enviroment...checking the tank or randomly going to the outpost tower, or sitting on a chair vice versa.

we should narrow down some animations so the devs will actually look into it, not a huge list.

who agrees??

how about being able to climb over a 6 hoot wall, that's realistic. we can only leg swing everything.

Dude the leg swing. Its the bomb.. But yes i know what you mean and i feel you. I've seen plenty of marines helping eachother over walls (Climbing with 50KG gear isnt really like 1.2.3) Or some advanced SKS animations version.

Many of these animations I disagree with. There's nothing more annoying than waiting in a chopper to leave base and some 14 year old player is doing his "dance" animation in front of the chopper. I don't play this game for stupidity like that. I want the feel of combat. If you want that kind of "immersion" from dancing, go play dance dance revolution or whatever it is kids play now a days.

14 year old kids shouldn't even play these games in the first place. But yes we are not talking about animations you can trigger whenever you want. Most of these are automaticaly actived when being either Idle for to long or just walking a long time enc. And why would we even implement dances. Note its probably gona be like A2 again so much hidden animations bis never fully implemented but modders find. Trust me the only eastereggs in this game are the hidden functions and animations :P


How about twelve year olds?

Well i play with some 12 year olds and 14 year olds. Some are mature as hell. But the larger group should be playing this game since they only know Dayz....

I think this is going off topic, BIS what other information is required to get this ticket assigned?

How about when you get hit by a bullet with 2 seconds of being unable to perfectly move. Do you want video of people getting hit?

Actually i know people that got shot. Friend of mine lost his left leg due to friendly fire. Not going of topic. It doesnt matter from how far you get shot getting shot is painfull making you combat in effective for an hour. Not to mention the boddy armor they use today isn't really effective against the AK RPK PKM SVD bullets. BUT lets not go of topic here.

Completely unnecessary...

And people say implementing women would be reduntant -___-

I'd think whoever reads a magazine at their post in most ARMA scenarios which are not complete out of the blue surprise attacks would hang...

You are comparing 2 compleetly different things. Women in this game would be useless no anti woman talk but what would it add? BEWBS thats what your gona get people scripting them naked and thenthis game has to be 18+... Extra animations would be lovely since I know people that run 24/7 maps that simulate real life. You have to patroll rebuild partsof towns build bases enc enc.

this has gone way off topic here.... this ticket is about casual animations not women there is a separate ticket for that...

can the devs please tell us what information they need?
if the list is too big to choose from, then let the devs decide whats implemented... leave it at that

I know.. lol.. annyway why do people get so upset by smoking? If a child starts smoking by a game its either not raised well by its parrents and or shouldn't be playing a game like this. Like other people said make it realistic not idea and as far as i know lots of people in the real army no mather the country they all have tons of smokers in there. Its a anti stress thing and its legal so why not.

feedback devs? mods?

Hmmm maybe I should change this ticket to 'The Dismissed Waypoint is useless'

yeah yeah yeah,

we need a radius zone for that waypoint so the units dont simply fuck off 400m lol
and the soldiers need to be more casual, in respect of walking animations, sitting, laying down, talking animations (maybe sound?)

what would you do if you were in helmand province, and stuck at home base for 6 hours.

why is this set to need more info, what info are they looking for ideas? there are many, how about climbing over a 6 foot wall animation, an actual falling and diving animation, cmon alrdy

I guess this ticket isn't very specific and they've got plenty else to worry about....

Yeah the dismissed waypoint definitely could use an adjustable limit. What specific set of animations they actually do was never really important, but right now all they do is walk and sit.

I'm not against climbing a six foot wall, but that's hardly casual behavior.
Not for normal people anyway :)

If they like talked to eachother, tinkering with vehicles, walked about, went inside buildings :O
Checked equipment, went on patrols stuff like that :)

This is a combat sim, not Altis Life!

Smoking!? Bleghhh! Get outta here!


Okay tyl3r I updated the description a little as per Fireball's instruction, let me know if I screwed it up and I'll try to fix...

I took out the bit about different walking animations because there's a couple tickets already. many mepwaygames are there?

Ok, I think we get the point.