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Window dirt decals have incorrect object order rendering in regards to water
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When looking through a window water can be seen in front of the dirt decals.

It seems that the ordering of objects is wrong, the ocean is being shown in front of everything, even the dirt decal on the window. {F20618} {F20619} {F20620}


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Steps To Reproduce

Find window with view of ocean.
View ocean.
Notice wrong ordering of decal + ocean.

Additional Information

Pictures 1+ 2 taken from control tower in airport: (Gridref: 01909)
Picture 3 taken from hill (Gridref: 02437)

Picture 2 is probably the best.

Still present in (0.75.108659) - 07/08/2013

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Noticed nothing wrong with picture

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Look at the window from the ocean to the horizon, its placed in-front of the window dirt.

Excellent, thank you. Red circles or arrows are missing, but I could spot it right away.

+1 same concept happens i believe if your in the water looking at the clouds

Any progress?

duplicate of 0006054