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Grenade/smoke grenade UI badly visible when Unarmed
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When you lose/put down you primary and secondary weapon and keep your grenades or smoke grenades (or chem-lights), main weapon UI will fade away resulting in almost non-visible grenade bar.

This can make somehow hard to use grenades correctly without primary and secondary weapon.

Of course you dont find yourself very often in situation without any weapons and just bare grenades but when it happens (it happened to me in MP few times) grenades are you only self-defence option.

I believe this minor bug therefore hinders your ability to self defend without primary/secondary weapons and only grenades.

I included screens and croped details of UI and a short video of this issue.

Here is short video of issue:
{F20596} {F20597} {F20598}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3 editor
  1. Place down any unit with some grenades or smokes. (in my screens/vid Opfor Teamleader)
  1. Enter your gear (I)
  1. Right-click your primary and secondary weapons to put them on ground.
  1. Close gear
  1. You can now barely see weapon UI in top right corner, including your grenades.
Additional Information

I was running game on overall Ultra with only ATOC turned off and AA 4X, visiblity 2700m, 1600m objects.

Screens and in-game video taken with FRAPS ver. 3.5.99

My spec are Intel i7 4770, GTX 770, 16Gb RAM, 256Gb Samsung SSD

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